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My love affair with resin

I began exploring resin art in 2016, after years of working with polymer clay and alcohol ink. People suggested I check it out – and I did. I fell in love with the unpredictability of the form. No two pieces can ever be created identically. None ever turn out matching what I might have had in mind when I begin them. If I set out with conventional tools to “paint” a tree, I know I’ll end up with a tree. When I create with resin, I never know what the result will be. 

The only vision I have at the beginning is the colors I want to play with. Nothingever turns out how I might envision it. The piece carries me to a place I literally couldn’t have imagined. That’s what I love about working in resin. 

If you want to play with it, I would suggest you spend the time to watch videos and study with someone who does it before you jump in. You’ll avoid so many beginner mistakes! And remember safety – always wear goggles, a respirator, and nitrile gloves (not latex). Take your time and have fun! 

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